TANYA Mohapatra

Tanya Mohapatra.

Hello Everyone. Welcome to my Website.

When I grow-up, I will be adding my Travel Blogs here.

For now, Please visit my YouTube Channel.

I have posted lots of videos in the channel.

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Tanya at Murudeshwar

What I Do

I Study.

I love to study. I always learn new topics and try to remember most of it. I do all my homework and assignments on time.

I Travel.

I love to travel. Every weekend I go to nearby places near the city with my parents and my brother. We visit far places in long holidays.

I Cook.

I love cooking. I bake cookies, cupcakes and more. I love to make lollipops. I like to try making new dishes.

My Story

I am a student studying in class 1. I love exploring new things. I love my family. They always encourage me to do new things.

I make 3 types of videos – Learning, Cooking, Travel and Leisure. My parents help me to make videos and upload them on Youtube. 

I love playing with my friends. My twin brother is my Best Friend.

I can talk many languages. I talk English, Odia, Sambalpuri, Hindi and |Kannada.

I love visiting new places with my family. We always explore and do many activities.